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I started feeding Donkey fresh dog food by Furry Kitchen since I heard about their philosophy. I like their healthy approach and I believe in fresh ingredients and their healing properties. I am now sure that Donkey is getting what she needs to stay healthy and happy.

I had never cooked for Donkey because I barely have time to cook for myself. Now, not only is Donkey eating the best fresh dog food; all I have to do is just to tear open the package!

I hope Annabel would consider adding a line for the owners too ???? Donkey’s fresh dog food always look delicious. I trust her and her team 100% on comparing every meal as if it was cooked for humans – Natalie Lund

IMG-20150627-WA0010I care about what I put into my body and I know how important diet is, for you to being healthy and happy. Lulu may be a dog, but she deserves just as much consideration for her health as I do. She is a member of my family.

I learned from previous pets how bad commercial pet food could be. It means bad breath, bad body odor, and more illnesses that can happen because of poor nutrition. I would rather pay more for a proper fresh dog food diet and save on vet fees. (And so far it is working exactly as I hoped. Lulu is healthy and happy!)

I have tried to cook for her, but I am not a very good at it and I am not a nutritionist. Plus, some months, I am working more or am too busy and couldn’t’t keep up with preparing fresh dog food for her and would have to buy kibble instead. And, she doesn’t like my cooking anyway….

Having Furry Kitchen prepare the fresh dog food for me means I can breath easy that someone who cares and is a nutritionist is making sure Lulu is getting the right nutrition, in all the right amounts. It’s convenient to prepare and serve to Lulu. It gives me peace of mind knowing she is eating the best, fresh, dog food I can find for her and Lulu enjoys the meals! – Leeann Bennett

我經常代出國的朋友照顅狗狗, 當中最喜歡朋友帶來的Furry Kitchen 的鮮狗糧, 每包份量剛剛好, 又方便食材又新鮮, 最好的地方莫過於鮮狗糧没有異味,食Furry Kitchen 鮮狗糧的狗狗沒有一般的體味,又可以望到狗狗吃得很開心,那種享受的神情是在吃乾糧的狗狗身上看不到的, 也令當臨時主人的我感到很幸福。 – Irene Jong