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At The Furry Kitchen, we are passionate about fresh, healthy, whole-food nutrition for your pet. You might even say we’re obsessive – the knowledge and effort we put into ingredient selection, sourcing and preparation is as impressive to our customers throughout Asia Pacific as our cakes are tasty for their pets!

When it comes to celebration cakes, we believe in minimal design but an abundance of delicious content. If you want the healthiest cakes for your dog, you need to experience our unique service, care and attention first-hand. We can even help design a vegan option for you!

You can select your favourite ingredients from the list below.

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Please select ingredients, you can choose up to 3 ingredients for free. (All Australian, Denmark and US imported ingredients.)
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The Furry Kitchen’s cakes do not include any artificial flavourings or colours; for colouring, we just use vegetables and fruits. If your dog needs a grain-free cake to comply with specific dietary needs, we can help here too. All the ingredients we use for your dog are the best available, and quite suitable even for their owners!

To complete our cake designs, some of the ingredients below might be used:
Oat meal powder, brown rice powder, egg, milk and honey.


Please place your order 3 days in advance, it would help us to better schedule the delivery.

Vegan / vegetarian options are available, and please feel free to let us know about your pet’s dietary preference.

We deliver to all destinations wherever MTR can reach with no extra cost.  If necessary, we would take a taxi from the nearest MTR station to your place to make sure your cakes are fresh and pretty, taxi fare would be applied.




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Rainbow Pizza

9" $98

Hawaii Pizza

9" $78

Festive Cupcakes