Custom Diet


Click here for Food for Cats if you’re referred by a vet.

And please send the reports below to for analysis, this is very important as the information would help our vet and nutritionist to formulate a custom diet that is best suits your dog’s dietary needs.

1. Blood test within the last 3 months or the latest

2. Current Prescription (medication) lists

3. Food allergy report of the last 12 months (if any)

We will then review the information you entered and get back to you with a recommendation.


All prescription diets must be restricted to use by, or on the order of, a licensed veterinarian. Before we can process your prescription diet order, we must have a prescription from your veterinarian on file. There are several convenient ways to provide us with your prescription:

  1. Your veterinarian may email the prescription to us at
  2. If you have the prescription already, you may email it to us

As soon as the prescription is received, your order will be processed.



Click here for Food for Cats if you’re referred by a vet


At FURRY KITCHEN we not only offer completely balanced daily meals for healthy dogs but we also  can formulate a very specific dog diet to address a wide variety of dog health issues. If your dog needs a customised feeding plan that based on specific dietary needs, we can help. There might be a price difference to cover the cost of formulating and customizing a meal plan for your dog.

Every dog is different

Some of our furry clients have health issues such as dog obesity, dog digestive disorders, pancreatitis in dogs, diabetes in dogs, and liver disease and kidney disease in dogs, etc. Typically we require only a blood panel from your vet and the answer to several questions in order to begin.

All of the ingredients used in the food we prepare for your dog are the best available for human consumption. In order to fulfil the nutrient needs of your dogs, we only recommend supplements made in facility that produces supplements exclusively for human consumption.